The IPCS course was originally developed to meet a training need identified in Southwell and Nottingham diocese who offered both administrative support and venues. However, after three iterations there were no longer enough Southwell and Nottingham clergy needing such training to continue to make viable cohorts. Mogs and Ruth continued to have a vision for providing this training and decided to go independent and recruit more widely, whilst retaining the link with Southwell and Nottingham.

Since Ruth Layzell was a Director and Anissa Chung was a Tutor at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, we investigated the possibility of offering the course at the SPTI premises with the support of SPTI admissions and administrative staff. SPTI was happy that the course should run as an external IPC(S)-owned CPD event and we have been running the course in partnership with them since 2014. 

While IPCS retains its distinctive focus on supporting pastoral ministry through pastoral supervision, being hosted at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute also gives a clear signal that we integrate Christian spirituality with a sound psychological grounding and an emphasis on personal and professional development. It is therefore possible for applicants to create for themselves a programme of learning at SPTI to include, for example, an introduction to counselling concepts and skills, progressing on to the Professional Certificate in Pastoral Supervision. See