Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute

The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI) is a not-for-profit educational organisation, based in Nottingham, specialising in training counsellors and psychotherapists since 1987. SPTI offers professional and academic qualifications, from Introductory Level to BSc and MSc training as well as post qualification CPD courses.   SPTI is committed to offering high quality training which encompasses academic, professional, and ethical standards. Training with SPTI aims to enable students and graduates to further their personal growth and professional development whilst preparing them to play a significant role in enhancing the lives of their clients and wider society.   Our courses are taught over weekends and are designed to be managed alongside current occupations. For more information about the SPTI professional training programmes please follow the links below: To find out more about the current CPD opportunities offered by SPTI, please take a look at their CPD programme here.